To get as close to life as possible, there’s no such thing as too much resolution, too much speed or too much sensitivity. Read how widefield, confocal, electron and X-ray microscopes from ZEISS help to uncover subcellular processes or to explore the ultrastructure of your sample. Discover how new light efficient technologies make your 3D live cell imaging in fluorescence microscopy more gentle.

Light Microscopes For Scientific Research and Routine

Axio Observer for Life Science and Materials
Axioscope 5 for Biology and Materials
Axiolab 5 for Biology and Materials
Axio Imager for Materials
Primo for Live Cells and Materials
Axio Vert for Biology and Materials
Axio Examiner for Biology
Axio Zoom for Biology and Materials
Stemi for Education labs and Industrial

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes

LSM 980 with Airyscan 2
LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 for Biology and Materials
Smartproof 5 for Industries