Biochemistry Analysers

With over 40 years of providing rapid, accurate analytical instruments, YSI Life Sciences has established a legacy of expertise in various industrial applications, including bioprocess monitoring and control, food and beverage, biofuels and renewable energy and medical and physiological research. Our laboratory and process analytical solutions have been designed to help make your job easier through reliable, accurate and easy-to-use instruments.

2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

Two Chemistry Stand Alone Analyzer

2900M Online Monitor & Control System

Two Chemistry Online Monitor & Control System

2950D Biochemistry Analyzer

Six Chemistry Stand Alone Analyzer

2500 Biochemistry Analyzer

Glucose/Lactate Analyzer

FISP Bioreactor Sampling Probes

FISP® in-situ Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor Sampling Probes

2920 OPC Data Manager

Add-on module that provides OPC data management for off-line YSI 2900 Series Biochemistry Analyzers or YSI 2900M Online Monitoring & Control Systems.