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News & Events

Labmate Partners with EpiCypher

EpiCypher has pioneered the manufacture of nucleosomes for epigenetics research and drug discovery, producing the highest quality products available which include fully defined and homogeneous recombinant nucleosomes incorporating different DNA and histone modifications, site mutations, or histone variants.

Labmate Partners with GenomeMe

GenomeMe develops immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies targeting the critical markers you need to make your diagnosis with confidence.

Are you looking for Micro volume Spectrophotometer from Berthold

Labmate Partners with Horizon Discovery!!

Horizon Discovery provides rAAV, ZFN and CRISPR custom and off the shelf cell lines and in vivo model for research and bioproduction applications, quantitative molecular reference standards, in vivo disease models, contract research and custom screening services for target identification and validation, and for drug combination studies.

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A Luminometer is an instrument for measuring light intensity or optical properties of solutions or surfaces.


Tube Luminometers

Large selection of highest-sensitivity tube luminometers. From battery-operated field instrument to flash luminometer with powerful PC-software

Microplate Readers

Large selection of Luminometers for 96- and 384- well microplates. Sample incubation, up to four reagent injectors. NanoScan Reader for flurorescence time-revolved and lifetime measurement. 

Microplate Washers

Powerful workhorses for 96- or 384-well microplate washing. For manual loading or magazine-based high throughput processing. Also available as washer-dispensor configurations.

Microplate Dispensers

The Zoom Microplate Dispenser is a high performance dispenser that consistently and reliably dispenses reagents into the microplate size of your choice. No matter the number of microplates, the accuracy and precision levels are unsurpassed. For bulk reagent dispensing, consider a Multidrop dispenser with the Titan Stacker to create the fastest fully automated bulk dispensing workstation. 

Crocodile miniWorkstation
Your personal ELISA automation
Crocodile is a compact, fully automated, high performance ELISA workstation for low to medium throughput.