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News & Events

Labmate Partners with EpiCypher

EpiCypher has pioneered the manufacture of nucleosomes for epigenetics research and drug discovery, producing the highest quality products available which include fully defined and homogeneous recombinant nucleosomes incorporating different DNA and histone modifications, site mutations, or histone variants.

Labmate Partners with GenomeMe

GenomeMe develops immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies targeting the critical markers you need to make your diagnosis with confidence.

Are you looking for Micro volume Spectrophotometer from Berthold

Labmate Partners with Horizon Discovery!!

Horizon Discovery provides rAAV, ZFN and CRISPR custom and off the shelf cell lines and in vivo model for research and bioproduction applications, quantitative molecular reference standards, in vivo disease models, contract research and custom screening services for target identification and validation, and for drug combination studies.

  High Throughput Liquid Hadling 96 & 384 Well Plates
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Berthold Detection Systems is the acclaimed leader in the field of luminescence measurement.

The new Orion L Microplate Luminometer is a compact, very affordable and user-friendly instrument, which uses high quality materials and advanced technologies. The built-in USB port is an added feature allowing lab users to keep up with ever changing PC demands. This advanced luminometer will plug and play with any Windows PC. Very easy to maintain and upgradeable, it will be an asset to every laboratory. With the optional validation tools, verification of full functionality is performed automatically. Generic data format for result output ensure integrity of your original measurement data.

-  Reporter Gene Assays (Single and Dual Reading e.g. Dual Luciferase® Reporter    Assay)
- ATP Assays
- Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA and ILMA)
- Enzyme Assays (ATP or NAD(P)H)
- Nucleid Acid Probe Assays
- Aequorin-based
- Ca++ Assays
- Kinase Assays
- Receptor Assays
- SNP Genotyping (READIT®)
- Dioxin contamination
- Mycoplasma contamination (MycoAlert®)

Orion L has been evaluated by the Research Department staff at Promega Corporation
and has been certified for use with their Dual Luciferase "DLReady" (TM Promega Corp.) assay. 

Orion II Microplate Luminometer

The outstanding sensitivity of Orion II is the result of the unique design, advanced engineering, and high quality workmanship. All functions of the Orion II are seamlessly integrated to render superior, user-friendly performance.

The detector is operated in photon counting mode, which guarantees the lowest signal background for unsurpassed signal to noise ratio and the highest linearity. The plate adjustment mechanism automatically compensates for variations in microplate size. The built-in safety circuit protects the detector from potential damage resulting from accidental exposure to high levels of light. In addition, a warning is produced should a sample ever exceed measurement range.

The Orion II is more than a basic luminometer. It makes assay preparation flawless. For assays that require shaking, three mixing modes are available: linear, orbital and cross shaking. Flexible speed and amplitude settings allow easy adaptation to any assay protocol.
Orion II offers two different types of sample incubation. Top and bottom microplate incubation ensures exceptional temperature stability in the sample chamber for temperature control up to 50°C. For applications that require up to 42°C incubation, the optional bottom heating function is recommended.