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News & Events

Labmate Partners with EpiCypher

EpiCypher has pioneered the manufacture of nucleosomes for epigenetics research and drug discovery, producing the highest quality products available which include fully defined and homogeneous recombinant nucleosomes incorporating different DNA and histone modifications, site mutations, or histone variants.

Labmate Partners with GenomeMe

GenomeMe develops immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies targeting the critical markers you need to make your diagnosis with confidence.

Are you looking for Micro volume Spectrophotometer from Berthold

Labmate Partners with Horizon Discovery!!

Horizon Discovery provides rAAV, ZFN and CRISPR custom and off the shelf cell lines and in vivo model for research and bioproduction applications, quantitative molecular reference standards, in vivo disease models, contract research and custom screening services for target identification and validation, and for drug combination studies.

  Media Optimization Studies
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Model: BioLector from m2p Labs, German


By using the existing standard microtiter plate format m2p has reduced the size of classical bioreactors to a minimum. This results in an inexpensive and easy to handle system which can process simultaneously 48 wells. The system can be operated at defined engineering parameters with regard to mass transfer, the prerequisite to perform an easy scale up. The non invasive optical sensor allows for real time determination of the kinetics of biological cultures.

Due to its universal technology and compatibility with standard microplates formats the BioLector is able to perform a board spectrum of applications:
Cell line screening, Media optimization, Optimization, growth characterization, quality control, enzyme and cell activity tests, high- throughput protein expression and etc…