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  Bright Field & Fluorescent Microscopy
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Axio Lab.A1
Axio Lab. A1 has been designed for laboratory application and it is highly ergonomic, easy to operate and brilliant image quality for versatile medical applications. Transmitted light illumination alternatively HAL 35 W, LED daylight or LED warm light. 

Reflected light LED fluorescence ensures easy-to-use with 2 LED positions and the well known standard push-and click-modules from Carl Zeiss.  In comparison to standard HBO illumination the LED fluorescence is much safer, more energy efficient, quicker and easier to use.  Additional advantages: No warm-up and cool-down times and no need to change or adjust lamps.

Axio Scope.A1
Upright microscope for  routine biological application.  The adaptable all-round stand for your routine and research applications.  Extremely long operating life, inexpensive, easy to handle, and completely adjustment-free.  Reflected light techniques: Fluorescence for HBO 50 selectable for 3 filter position or 5 filter position &  Reflected LED illumination with 4 positions.